Video Anywhere

Cable TV, Satellite, Streaming, TiVo, AppleTV… there are many sources and many destinations for a building’s video information. We create a ‘video distribution’ system, so all of the video sources are located in a basement or equipment closet. All that’s needed in each room is a wall-mounted or cabinet-enclosed flat TV. Residents can then watch any source on any TV at any time, no matter who else is watching. We also send your security and door cameras through the system so guests and tenants can check on who is at the door, or if the baby is sound asleep.

Video is more than entertainment. Digital information displays are critical to residents and guests. Showing people how to find their way around a building complex is not always simple as the routes are dynamic. There are adjustments due to renovations, maintenance or spaces that change ownership. Additionally, new visitors to the building need to know how to get to their destinations. We take into account all the needs of all the occupants, from residents, to guests to staff when designing video systems. It all matters.